Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paleo Breakfast: Bacon and Strawberries?

Paleo Breakfast: Bacon and Strawberries?: "Ingredients

Bacon (nitrate free, organic, cream of the crop.. whatever you want to use): I use about 5-6 slices.
Bok Choy
Strawberries: About 5 or 6.
What do I do?

Well avid blog reader, it’s really not that hard so don’t sweat it!

Throw some EVOO or coconut oil into a frying pan. Heat it up!
Slice up the bacon into small pieces – I cut them about 0.5 inches – and put it in the frying pan.
While the bacon is sizzling and making your home smell like sunshines and rainbows, start cutting up your strawberries. I dice mine up. Gets the mix effect just perfect.
Let the bacon come to a nice sizzle and your preferred cooking darkness and crispness. I like mine crispy. Especially with this dish.
In goes the bok choy and mushrooms. Stir it up, let it sizzle.
And onto your plate! Mix those badboys together! Voila!
Now EAT! And moan and groan at this beautiful breakfast of rainbows you are consuming!"

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